• Selection Guide — HOOD USE — GENERAL PURPOSE

    General Purpose hoods are designed to contain the fumes generated in most chemical reactions. They are offered in a choice of liner materials including, Kewaunee's Modified Epoxy Resin (KMER), fiberglass reinforced polyester, (Kemglass), phenolic resin, and Type 304 stainless steel.


    Selection Guide — HOOD USE — ISOTOPE

    Isotope hoods are designed for use with radioactive materials. The Type 304 stainless steel cove corner seamless welded construction eases cleaning and decontamination.


    Selection Guide — HOOD USE — PERCHLORIC ACID

    Perchloric Acid hoods are required when this acid is heated above ambient temperature. The Type 316 stainless steel liner is fabricated to eliminate the possibility of formation of perchloric acid deposits. This hood includes a water wash down feature.



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